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About me

Hi, my name is Isaiah, some projects I'm develping are...

  • BSwear
  • Bssentials
  • ZunoZap
  • NedHome
  • jFlappyBird
  • ProjectRainbow's Landing Page

  • and lots more!

    My Story

    The reason why I'm not like outher people is because...
    I got framed for poking an kid's eye with an pincil when I was in first grade,
    I know your that it does not seem like an big deal, but the way it happened it was an big deal.
    You see in first grade (Back in 2012), I was one of the nicest kids in the class,
    We had just changed seating arangment & one of the people setting by me was an kid named Dustin,
    He was the buily of the class (he still is today) and he did not like how I was nice
    so when I was doing my classwork, Dustin just started yelling "He poked me in the eye with an pincil!", because I was one of the nice kids and care about everyone I looked up and saw Dustin pointing at me so I started saying "I didnt do it", the teacher (Mrs. Kenny, who saddly has passed away since this happend) sent Dustin down to the Nurse.

    For sometime after that, Dustin & I where being pulled out of class to tell what happned.
    I would allways say "I didnt do it", but the assistant principal would yell at me to tell the "truth" even though I was.
    My own parents did not even beleave me and there the ones who know me the best

    After all that, We where placed at desks across the room from eatch outher,
    Our teacher reierd to take care of her husband who was sick,
    Our new teacher (Mrs. D) after some time (starting to relize that I was not an bad kid), moved me back with everyone else.

    Now days, just saying my name can make my face turn all red.
    And just talking to an teacher makes me start to cry
    I did learn from all this that the saying "innocent till proven guilty" is false,
    People will treat outhers like "guilty till proven innocent".


    My projects that I make are hosted on Github.

    Quote of the day: God is Salvation.

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